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2014 Updates

You've reached the home of the Rhodes 19 class in Marblehead Massachusetts.

Whatís special about the Rhodes 19? The R19 has flourished for more than 40 years for three reasons; itís moderately priced, itís a terrific family boat, and itís a competitive one-design racer, supported by a strong national class organization. Put them together and youíll understand why the Rhodes 19 is so popular.

Fleet 5 of the Rhodes 19 class races out of Marblehead, Massachusetts.  The racing series encompasses nearly every Saturday from May through September.  In addition, we have evening races on Thursday nights during the summer.

Most importantly, the members of Fleet 5 are very welcoming in all ways.  Whether you are interested in crewing, or buying a boat, or day sailing, let us know!  We'd love to get your involved in the Fleet.

Find out more information about Fleet 5!  Just email any of our fleet officers:


President - Mike Lane

Vice President - Frank McNamara

Secretary - Jeff Shoreman

Treasurer - Joe Fava

Social Chair - Elise Mazareas

Scorer - Jim Raisides